Monday, May 28, 2012

Boribash - Toribash Review

   Toribash is a turn-based martial arts simulator created by Hampus Söderström and Nabi Studios. Though not for everyone, the game is one of the most unique and violent games on the internet. At its core it's a fighting game, except you're using ragdolls manually controlling every individual joint to make them fight. Aside from the basic kicking and punching, you can also grab and tear your opponent limb from limb. Literally. Of course, you can't just jump in and start painting the field with blood from the very start, and that's where we get into the right and wrong...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Super Monkey Knight Comrade - Super Monday Night Combat Review

   Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is both a third-person shooter and real-time strategy game created by Uber Entertainment (often shortened to Uberent), available through Steam. You take control of one of an assortment of "Pros" to participate in the famous bloodsport of the future, which airs every Monday Night, hence the title. As there is only one gameplay mode at present (Crossfire), the object of the game is to blow through the enemy's Pros, bots, and other hazards, to take down their "Money Ball" and win the match. This game is actually quite a treat to play, and one of few games where I get the feeling the developers had fun creating it. Of course, I must say why this game is so cool, so let's get into what this game does right and wrong...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poor Sync - War Inc. Battlezone Review

   War Inc. is a third-person/first-person shooter created by Online Warmongers. Originally, this game was just third-person, but they recently added first-person. The game also features three game modes, with multiple maps each (Deathmatch, Conquest, and Sabotage). Not much else to say, really. It's modern military shooter in every sense of the word. You take an assault rifle, you rush out, you get killed, resolve to camp, and then start killing people en masse. It even has the obligatory shade of brown present in most games of this type.
Look at that brown. It's glorious.
   That said, let's jump into the right n' wrong...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wrath of Zeroes - Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Review

   Wrath of Heroes is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. You take control of a hero in a team of heroes, and you take on other heroes is a big battle arena. It's pretty straight forward. The characters of this game, among other things, are based off of Age of Reckoning, another Warhammer Online game based off the Warhammer Fantasy world. The game works with three teams instead of the usual two, with six players on each team. The game also features three modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Point Capture. It is currently in Open Beta, so many features aren't implemented yet. So my review will be based off of what the game is like now...