Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fourth Thought - What is the Future of MMOs?

   I recently discovered a series of videos called Extra Credits. The second video in the first season, titled "The Future of MMOs", caught my eye and prompted a watch. While quite out-of-date, the video made a lot of good points about the state of MMORPGs in particular, and why most of them aren't that good. I have absolutely no problems with anything that was said in the video, and I'm not here to summarize it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Continent of Strife - Continent of the Ninth Seal Review

   Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9, is an action RPG created and hosted by Webzen, a Korean company, and just recently seeing it's full release. The game features nice graphics, amazing action gameplay, and many different styles of play to fit almost any player. There are four different classes at present (Hunter, Fighter, Shaman, and Witchblade), each with three subclasses (2 for Witchblade) that define your fighting style. Not only that, but the game comes with a little social network thing that latches onto the side of your screen to let you post your actions to Twitter and Facebook.
Currently: Looking at cool visuals!
   The game even has in-game video recording software. At this point, some may wonder "is there anything this game doesn't have?!" Well, we'll get to that in a bit. First...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Realm of the Rad Facade - Realm of the Mad God Review

   Realm of the Mad God (link goes directly to game), is a browser game created by Wild Shadow Studios and recently acquired by Kabam, also available on Steam. The game is described as a "massively cooperative bullet hell shooter", and that's a very accurate description.
   As you can see, this game has a lot separating it from the average MMO, not to mention the average browser MMO. You play as one of 13 different classes, and jump into the game dodging enemy bullets while spamming your own. Don't be afraid though. If you saw "bullet hell" and immediately thought of games such as Ikaruga, Touhou, or maybe even Gradius, you should know that Realm of the Mad God is actually very forgiving. To an extent.