Monday, December 31, 2012

ChaserZ - RaiderZ Review

   RaiderZ is an action-RPG created developed by MAIET Entertainment and hosted by Perfect World Entertainment Inc. You take control of one of four classes (a fifth on its way), and go out into the world, slashing and bashing as you complete stupid quests for stupid people inbetween trying to save the land from evil.

   It's a pretty fun game that avoids a lot of the problems I see in other MMORPGs. Good graphics, good gameplay, but let's look at the specifics...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Special Request - Earthbound vs. Earthbound Zero

   A friend of a friend requested that I do a review over the popular turn-based RPG, Earthbound, and it's predecessor Earthbound Zero. In Japan, there were three Earthbound games, but we only got one of them. Over there, the series is called "Mother", and we got Mother 2. However, Mother 1 did have an English version in existence, it was just never released in the US for some reason.

   I assume it was a prototype of some sort but never received the greenlight for a US release, though you can still find the ROM on the internet today. Let's check it. Which is the better game? Earthbound for the SNES, or Earthbound Zero for the NES? Let's pretend we don't already know the answer, take out our special kneecapping bats, and charge in.