Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eons... - Aion Review

WARNING: I really don't like playing traditional MMORPGs, plus getting to a reasonable level for review on an MMORPG takes a very long time. In other words, this review won't really be over the full game nor will it be that good. I am totally open to anyone that can help me with reviewing traditional MMORPGs.

   Aion is a traditional fantasy MMORPG created by NCsoft that somewhat-recently became free-to-play. The game has a high emphasis on PvP combat with factions. You must join either the angel-ish "Elyos" or the demon-ish "Asmodians", when you first start the game, and you can not create a character of the opposite faction you join. PvP isn't really available from the start, though, and it's more of an end-game thing. You're also given the ability to fly but, since this isn't FlyFF, flying doesn't really serve much purpose besides being a little faster and looking cool, and you can't stay in the air indefinitely. Mostly just running around and killing almost-defenseless animals. Let's look at the right and wrong...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lack Prophecy - Black Prophecy Review

   Black Prophecy is a space combat MMORPG by Reakktor Media, and published by Gamigo. You fly around freely in space and shoot things on a a three-dimensional plane. The game is very well made, and the Prologue (which will take you hours to complete) is nicely decorated with many cutscenes and interesting characters in a somewhat unique world. Not only that, but you are given the option to skip most all of the dialogue and cutscenes if you don't want to look at them. Honestly, there isn't much to complain about here. Let's jump into the right and wrong...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Fight for Vindication! Or something. - Vindictus Review

   Vindictus is a multiplayer action RPG developed by devCAT and hosted by Nexon. Known as Mabinogi Heroes in Korea (since it's supposed to be a prequel to Mabinogi, an MMORPG), this game revolves around hacking and slashing through various monsters and bosses to save the world. I personally didn't get much into it, but if the awesome intro sequences are any indication, it is quite an interesting tale. I'm more of a fighter, though, so I play games for the fighting. Luckily, Vindictus delivers. Here's the right n' wrong...