Monday, November 26, 2012

Battle Veiled Pay4Fee - Battlefield Play4Free Review

   Battlefield Play4Free is an MMOFPS developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and Easy Studios, and published by EA. The game is apparently a modified version of Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and makes me glad I never played Battlefield before Battlefield 3. However, I've heard BF2 and Bad Company 2 were actually pretty good. This just isn't a good representation of them. I personally really hate EA for various reasons, and this game isn't changing my mind.

   It is almost a standard Battlefield experience, with all of the annoyances that come with it, but butchered. Once you're done getting wow'd by all of the vehicles and jet fighters, you start to see the game for what it really is. Crap. As usual, however, let's first discuss what the game doesn't do badly...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fifth Thought - Everyone Who Isn't As Good As You Are...

   Here is something I hear way too often:

   Noob: "Whoa, dude, you're awesome. Can you give me some tips?"
   A. Dude: "Nah, man, I suck. I'm nothing compared to *insert best player on given game here*."

   I think we need to get off the mindset that if you aren't the best at something, then you're not good at it. This is something that easily leads to arrogant fools who, by extension, think that anyone who isn't as good as they are is bad. To be honest, I used to think like this myself. I used to think that I wasn't all that good, and therefore anyone who does worse than me is just a terrible player.