This blog was created to talk about Free-to-Play MMOs. I will be reviewing them, debasing them, gracing them, etc. I'm very open to suggestions of games I should check out and do a post on.

   Seriously, if you comment with a game you want to know about, I will try to have a review up about that game within a week.

   This is open to all Free-to-Play MMO games. Not just RPGs, not excluding browser games nor any genre. All games I review are played with zero cash spent. I may mention cash prices or items if they stand out, but I will never have actually paid for anything.

   If you like my writing or want to talk about anything, please comment or send me an e-mail!

   Keep in mind, all of this is researched and written by one guy, so take it with a grain of salt and have fun. Thank you!

   Layout Information:
   These reviews are written in the style of pros and cons, focusing on things that are particularly good or bad in a given game. The final score is based on the game's fun value, not the balance of pros against cons. The Extra section at the end is for things that are worth mentioning but either aren't important enough, or are neither good nor bad. The order is:
Basic Game Information ---> Pros (Right) ---> Cons (Wrong) ---> Final Score ---> Extras

   Note: My first few reviews are not good. I may redo those at a later date to bring them up to speed if anyone asks.

   Twitter: https://twitter.com/Free2Flay
   E-Mail: robhar56@gmail.com

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