Monday, November 4, 2013

Gore Pace - Warface Review

   Warface is a browser-based FPS developed by Crytek. You are a member of the aptly-named team Warface, named after General Lee "Warface" Warton. Your mission? To destroy the vast, infinite forces of Blackwood who are helping individuals to profit off general pain and torment in various ways. There is a literal army you need to put down with your military skills and positive outlook. Good luck with that.

   This game features a cooperative mode where you work in a team of up to five players to take down the Blackwood forces. This isn't the easiest task, as it is heavily dependent on the competence of you and your teammates along with a general knowledge of how the game works. Each player is encouraged to fill a role, becoming any of the four classes available: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. When starting out, you will only have access to Rifleman and Sniper and you get the other two after leveling a couple of times. It's best not to think of this as a cooperative game, though. There is a good PvP mode available, too, for just shooting your fellow man without an scenario to go along with it. However, I should go into specifics...