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Poor Sync - War Inc. Battlezone Review

   War Inc. is a third-person/first-person shooter created by Online Warmongers. Originally, this game was just third-person, but they recently added first-person. The game also features three game modes, with multiple maps each (Deathmatch, Conquest, and Sabotage). Not much else to say, really. It's modern military shooter in every sense of the word. You take an assault rifle, you rush out, you get killed, resolve to camp, and then start killing people en masse. It even has the obligatory shade of brown present in most games of this type.
Look at that brown. It's glorious.
   That said, let's jump into the right n' wrong...

   Money Begging: Surprisingly Little
   The in-game currency, War Points, comes in pretty fast and the prices for most of the things that can be bought with War Points is quite reasonable. The cash currency, Gold Credits, can be used to buy more powerful weapons, open crates (which can hold even more powerful stuff), use the SOFLAM, and a few other things. Normally, I'd just call this game pay-to-win and leave it at that, but this game does something I practically never see: You can get the cash currency without paying for it. I read somewhere on the site that "there is always a way to get Gold Credits". They were correct. Note that getting Gold Credits without paying for them is a much slower process but it is there. It is possible to earn Gold Credits by simply leveling up and by logging in every day. You get a set amount of Gold Credits every 5 ranks, and if you save up the log-in bonuses, you can make 2750 Gold Credits every 10 days. The game can get pretty frustrating, but there are a lot of things there to soften the blow. And I respect that.

   RPG Presence: Confirmed
   The game features multiple classes, each with their own small skill tree. Every rank gives you a skill points, which you can then put into the skills you want. The skills aren't game-breaking or, for the most part, noticeable, but they give a slight edge and are the only things separating the different classes from each other. There are also Abilities to be obtained from the shop that can bestow extra...abilities. Again, none of them break the game, but they can provide a nice edge in battle. Aside from these, the rank names of the higher ranks indicates a degree of fun on the developer's part.

   Mood Lifting: Yay!
   The game has an achievements list, random War Point bonuses that happen for reasons I don't understand, and medals you can see after a game ends that symbolize things they don't explain.
I'm a Badass! Teehee!
   I don't actually know what any of these rewards mean, but they make me feel awesome for earning them. A game that can successfully lift your mood is a very great thing, and is practical for keeping beginner players playing the game. You don't often see free MMOs take the time to actually show they care about new players. It's refreshing.

   Physics: Low
   Some things that happen make me think the game should still be in Closed Beta instead of Open. Not that I'm complaining. The game features terrible physics, meaning you can, in fact, take a shotgun, and blow someone away. They will seriously fly at least ten feet back. Sniper shots can often glitch out their target so that they start flying miles into the air. The game also features instant weapon-switch. Your guns just appear in your hands, so you will never die just because someone caught you while you were taking out your shotgun.

   Community: Laid Back
   People don't talk much in War Inc., and are very slow to start raging about their teams over the message box. If you make a stupid mistake, they tend to be pretty cool about it. The community of this game actually seems a bit more human than other shooters. It's not a bunch of whiny children and bloodthirsty ragers. People actually have personalities.

   Of course it's not all sunshine and roses, despite how much I'd rather say that.
   Waiting Around: It Happens
   The game crashes every once in awhile. For me, it's crashed on average once every three hours. This may or may not be because of the funky ragdoll physics, but when it happens you'll have to restart the game. The problem with starting the game back up is that you have to go through the first thing you see when you start the game:
Guess I'll go write that book I've been meaning to write...
   I'm hoping this is just something that happens to me, but every time I start the game, I have to sit through it retrieving my profile for at least two minutes.

   Unfinished: Obviously
   Another reason the game feels like it should still be in Closed Beta is because many things don't work. The game was originally only available in third-person, and they later added in first-person play. Because of this, a few things don't work in first-person view, specifically picking up weapons. People will usually drop the weapon they had out when they die, the weapon will sometimes be epic, and you won't be able to pick it up unless you're in third-person view. Other things will just randomly not work, such as claymores and some abilities.

   Gold Credit Usage: Too Much
   I'm not talking about Premium players. I'm talking about things that can only be bought with Gold Credits. The game only starts you off with one character slot, and therefore, you only use one class until you get a new slot. Getting more character slots can be only accomplished through spending Gold Credits, which is pretty annoying. You can't switch inventory sets mid-game if you only have one character. Another problem is the crates. Most of the people you kill will drop a crate, which you can then run over and pick up. Opening the crates requires Gold Credits, which wouldn't be too bad, but a few of the crates contain things that can not be bought in the shop, called Rares.

   Guns: Imbalanced
   One thing you will notice by playing is that almost everyone who is using an assault rifle is using a Sig Sauer Elite, and everyone who is using a sniper rifle is using a Mauser. Because they are the best assault rifle (outside of Rares) and the best sniper rifle in the game.

   Caution: Take Note
   A couple things I feel I should say before closing the review. Ammo on War Inc. goes by the clip instead of by the bullet, even on shotguns. So reloading after every kill is not advised. Also, bullet dropoff exists, but only on sniper rifles for some reason. Every other weapon shoots perfectly straight at all ranges.

   Final Score: 3.9 out of 5

   The game is just plain fun. I would urge everyone to lend this game their support, provided it doesn't change drastically with patches.

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