Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fifth Thought - Everyone Who Isn't As Good As You Are...

   Here is something I hear way too often:

   Noob: "Whoa, dude, you're awesome. Can you give me some tips?"
   A. Dude: "Nah, man, I suck. I'm nothing compared to *insert best player on given game here*."

   I think we need to get off the mindset that if you aren't the best at something, then you're not good at it. This is something that easily leads to arrogant fools who, by extension, think that anyone who isn't as good as they are is bad. To be honest, I used to think like this myself. I used to think that I wasn't all that good, and therefore anyone who does worse than me is just a terrible player.

   That's called being an ass.

   There is a certain point at which this thinking has to stop, because I hear it in every game. Is it really that hard to just consider that you may actually be good at something? I'm not saying you should go out and beat everyone over the head with how amazing you think you are, just don't put yourself down when you do well. You don't have to be the best. Someone calling you good isn't going to happen every day, so take the compliment with some dignity and move on.

   In more strategy-oriented games (such as League of Legends, Starcraft 2, etc.), there tends to almost be a pro-player worship going on, where every player on the game except for the people at the very top says they suck. All of you? It is not possible that every single player on the game except for one or two guys is bad. At first, I would just assume they're joking and move on, but either it has become a popular meme or they genuinely believe this.

   To put it simply, get over yourselves. There are a lot of truly bad players out there, and you probably aren't one of them.


  1. Dang. I've never really though of my comments like that.

    Also, this is Luzoto. Remember me from Brick-Force? Sucks that your blog doesn't seem well known, it's surprisingly accurate with the games I've played. Including Brick-Force. They trashed the game by making every new update tokens only. :/

    Also, you should give Battlefield Play4Free a chance. Not a bad game if you're average at shooters, as it might appear overly Pay2Win if you don't like rentals.

    1. Thanks. I didn't know I had any repeat visitors; it's cool to know someone reads my stuff. I'm not surprised that my blog isn't that popular, since I rarely advertise it and I don't post updates as often as I should.

      I didn't play Battlefield Play4Free since I already have Battlefield 3. However, I'm assuming this is a review suggestion, so I'll work on it and get a review up.

  2. Hey, I like assuming that everyone who doesn't do as well as I do sucks. Keeps my ego nice and warm.