Thursday, August 1, 2013

Issues With Firefall - Minipost

   An anonymous commenter requested that I do a review over Firefall. Regardless of how dead the site seems or how busy I am, I will still be taking any requests seriously. However, I can't do a review over Firefall at the moment because of a significant graphics error that seems to only be affecting me and my computer. The glitch is detailed in this video:

   I'll be using this same video to try to get some help and fix this issue, but unless it gets fixed I can't review the game. It's distracting, it hinders my performance, and any screenshots I take would be messed up. This is the only game I've played to date that has had a problem like this on my computer, and while I would like to just get a new computer, I don't have the money for that. I apologize Anonymous and if you want to request any other game please don't hesitate to do so.


  1. Ah, that sucks. There wasn't anything in the video options that helped? I mean, having the local rocks shoot at you in closed beta was ridiculous, but...everyone is made of SILLY PUTTY o_o

    1. Nope, went through every option I could, nothing stopped it. I've been trying to play it ever since the closed beta. Sucks since a friend was raving about how awesome it was for awhile. I sent in a support ticket, I'll see how that goes.

    2. So, did they reply to your support ticket?

    3. Yeah, they responded almost immediately. Very nice people. Couldn't fix the problem since it's likely originating from my computer's graphics drivers. Can't update them since there are no updates for them and can't switch it out since it's a laptop. Basically, I can't play Firefall until I get new computer.