Monday, April 8, 2013

Sixth Thought - Just For the End-Game?

   I always hear about the end-game in MMORPGs, mostly from people I talk to in-game. Usually, the sentiment is something similar to "why did I bother doing all this work if the end-game sucks?"

   Why did you bother playing the game at all if all you wanted to see was the end-game?

   Don't get me wrong, I understand why the end-game is so special. For a lot of MMOs, it can be up to half the game or more. You get to the max level and it practically opens up a whole new world filled with endless guilds, quests, friends and possibilities. I just don't understand why people will act like that's the entire game. You spent hours, days, weeks, possibly even months farming and leveling up only to get to the end and say "well that was disappointing". Did you not enjoy the road?

   I believe this stems from a specific mindset. That every game only has a single possible goal, and if you aren't working towards that goal then you're doing it wrong. I received some flak on my Realm of the Mad God review for implying that the goal was gaining fame instead of gaining stats. Both of those are goals, though. You can play the game for the purpose of getting the best possible build, you can play the game for the purpose of getting the most possible accolades, or you can even play just for fun! *gasp*! Or is that just totally out of the question?

   Sometimes I hear that a bad MMO just simply "sucks", but a little more often I hear "it's not worth it". That is an interesting choice of words. Are people really willing to wade through pools of disgusting garbage as long as it's worth it in the end? The way I look at it, if you start playing it and you aren't having fun within the first ten or so minutes, just stop. That can be regarded as not really giving the game a chance, but what do you say to the guy on the opposite end of the spectrum? The guy who has literally played a game for around 40-50 hours and then says the game sucks? You had the choice to leave a long time ago, so why didn't you? Either you really did enjoy the road and you were just so disappointed by the end that you didn't look back, or you were just trucking along in sorrow in hopes that the light at the end of the tunnel led to heaven instead of a steep cliff.

   The point is, if you had fun then give the game the recognition it deserves for keeping you entertained. If you didn't, you only have yourself to blame for playing it so long. Regardless, don't hesitate to tell the company that their bad game is bad. Just keep it in perspective, okay?

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