Saturday, February 11, 2012

Team Torturous 2 - Team Fortress 2 Review

   Team Fortress 2 is a class-based MMOFPS created by Valve and hosted on Steam. It features multiple different modes of play, which is enhanced by it's community, which can create new modes by modifying their servers. For each mode, you have access to 9 different classes, and each class has a large selection of weapons they can use. The graphics on the game are also very smooth and nice, despite the cartoony, yet bloody, nature of the game...

   Now that we're past the basics, it's time to say what I think of the game. I love it. The multiple classes with multiple weapons adds a lot of replay value, as all the classes are vastly different from each other and this trait is shared by their weapon selections. The best example being the Demoman. As his name implies, he deals with demolition. He can throw grenades and plant mines which explode and can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. But he also another class dubbed the "Demoknight", as he's the only class that can rush into battle using a sword and shield that replace his normal weapons. Say you're getting tired of just simply blowing people to smithereens. Now you can rush into battle while screaming and slice people's heads off. Fun for everyone!

I envy the amount of fun that Heavy is having.

   I played this game for an upwards of 500 hours (so far), and I still find myself coming back to do it again. Go Scout, blow people away. Go Heavy, tank through the map. Go Medic, win games. Not to say there aren't annoyances. TF2 tends to tick me off more when I die than in other games because of things like random criticals. Most weapons in the game have a small chance to start pumping out criticals for a duration, doing double the damage with no distance modifiers. Normally, the closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you deal. Getting killed by a stray critical shot from across the map is not something that makes you want to hug baby seals.

   Lastly, three things. The characters, the voices, the taunts. The characters, while basically nameless, are extremely memorable, and all have their own personalities. The voices for the characters is what makes them memorable and fun to play as. They're talkative without being annoying, and I have genuinely laughed at some of the things my character has said as they killed someone. It's not often I can describe dialogue as "quotable".

   The taunts on TF2 are special, in that a few of them can actually kill people, such as the taunt using the Heavy's normal fists. The fact that you could potentially kill people using a taunt is one of the things that got me so immersed in the game in the first place.
   Don't expect realism or assault rifles, because they aren't in the game. There is no Free for All, and there is no Deathmatch. If you want to play a good well-rounded and frequently updated FPS with no storyline or campaign, this is the game for you. If you want to just hit people in the groin with grenades, then go play something else.

   Play it, it's a great game. And even if you don't do well at first, don't worry. It gets better.

   5 out of 5

   Am I calling Team Fortress 2 the perfect class-based shooter with no equals? Yes, I am. This game is the standard.

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