Friday, April 27, 2012

Off Topic - Why Did You Start This Website?

   Since I feel like getting this out of the way. I actually made this site to make some extra money from ad revenue. To get people to actually visit the site, I figured my best bet would be to provide interesting content about something I actually know about.

   Ever since I found out about their existence, I'd been trying to find a free MMO that was actually good and worth playing. I've tried a large amount of them, and most found their way off my computer within a couple of days. Over the years I realized a few things...:

   First, that if a game sucked way back when, it still sucks now. MMOs don't improve much over time, if at all. If you didn't enjoy it when you first played it, you still won't enjoy it if you come back to it years later.

   Second, all browser-based MMOs are terrible. All of them. They combine crap graphics with crap gameplay and act like we're still living at least ten years in the past.

   Third, too large of a fraction of MMOs that come out are based entirely on making the creators money, and absolutely nothing else. The game isn't designed to be fun, cool, or innovative. It's designed only to keep you playing and hoping your brain never turns on while you're grinding.

   Basically meaning, I can tell from just looking at the game's web page whether or not it's going to be complete garbage. And when I assume an MMO is garbage, I'm right 100% of the time. I've noticed just from looking at my reviews that I tend to be a little too lenient with scoring, because instead of grading based on fun-value, I'm more grading based on how good the game is compared to other games. Knowing this, I would advise you to take a whole 1 point off of every single one of my ratings on these MMOs, and that would be closer to it's true fun-value.

   But then, you might wonder...if I think all these games are terrible, then why am I playing and reviewing them? I'm playing them because I'm bored and, honestly, just feel like grinding. I'm turning my brain off temporarily while also doing something that requires very little concentration. I play MMOs like I would play Solitaire.

   But why do I go through the trouble of reviewing them? I think I'm one of the few people that can see even the crappy side of games I really like, but I'm also not going to ignore what a game does well even on games I really hate. Few games are just purely horrible or perfect, and people have the right to know what to expect when they go into a game. Not just someone praising the graphics all day or praising the action, or someone who's entire review on the game is a rantfest. I will tell you what the game does right, and what the game does wrong, in no uncertain terms.

   I hope to one day grow this site into one that people will go to first, so they can see exactly what kind of game they are checking out, and make their own decisions on whether the good outweighs the bad.

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